Heroic Relics forthcoming Fiction BuzzyMag
The North Revena Ladies Literary Society 7/2012 Fiction Analog
Titanium Soul 6/2012 Fiction Analog
Long Winter’s Nap 12/2011 Fiction Escape Pod
An Interstellar Incident 1/2012 Fiction Analog
The Apprentice 9/2007 Fiction Heroes in Training, Marting Greenburg and Jim C. Hines, ed. (DAW)
The Chargeup Man 2006 Fiction Nature 444, 652 (30 November 2006); Futures from Nature, Tor Books (October 28, 2008)
Long Winter’s Nap 12/2006 Fiction Analog
The Doctrine of Noncontact 10/01/05 Fiction Analog
om+ 09/01/05 Fiction Oceans of the Mind (with Jim C. Hines)
The Gypsy Queen 11/01/04 Fiction Turn the Other Chick, Esther Friesner, Baen (November 2, 2004)
Midnight on Tabula 10/01/04 Fiction Analog
Improving Slay Times in the Common Dragon 09/01/98 Fiction Odyssey