Fundraisin’ along

The fundraiser to sequence Jay Lake’s cancer, otherwise known as the Acts of Whimsy fundraiser, is clicking along. We made $40,000 in four days, so Jay’s sequencing needs will be met. We’re pushing for more, so that we can improve his quality of life. Five years of holding down a full time job while undergoing four rounds of chemo and multiple surgeries, plus raising a child, can wear you down.

The fundraiser has generated numerous acts of whimsy–so many that linking them individually here would be quite a chore. Instead, I recommend perusing the links over at the fundraiser page. I will probably throw them into blog posts at random over the next couple of weeks. So much fun stuff over there, and more to come.

I will highlight, however, Howard Tayler’s contribution. Howard got kind of confused, and instead of contributing an Act of Whimsy, he created a work of art. Howard pledged to draw a picture of Jay Lake kicking cancer’s ass. The result is magnificent, and not only because I am in it (look closely). It turns out I really needed to see cancer personified, with Jay’s boot up its butt.