Rolfing day 5, 6, 7

I’ve gotten behind on documenting the rolfing. Sessions 4-7 ¬†address the core of the body. In session 5, she worked on my abdomen quite a bit, separating the “six pack” muscles and loosening up the front of the hips, etc. I didn’t notice any big, dramatic changes from that session. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember it that well.

Session six is done lying on the belly. I’m a stomach sleeper, so that was pretty comfortable for me. Lots of work on the back, the butt, the upper hips. I had a knotted muscle in my upper back that day, and she loosened it up for me by putting her elbow into it and leaning until I was begging for mercy. Again, there was not much dramatic change, although I did feel like things were looser and more flexible. I was hoping to get some dramatic improvement in my hamstring flexibility. As in, finally being able to straighten my legs in some of those toe-grabbing poses in yoga. No luck, although I can feel a difference.

Session 7 is head and neck. I will forever think of it as the “professional nose picking” session. She spent the 90 minutes mostly working on the jaw and muscles of the face. This started with some manipulation of the shoulders and neck. Then she put on gloves and worked her way through the mouth, releasing tight muscles along the upper jaw, palate, and hinge area in back.

Always before, she would say things like, “That was a big release, did you feel that?” and I would sort of nod vaguely, because I could kind of sort of tell what she was talking about, but not really. With the heightened awareness that comes with anything near your face, however, I could feel exactly what was going on. It wasn’t the most painful thing she’d done to me, but it was kind of uncomfortable. But, weirdly, I could feel the clenched muscles just…opening up.

When she finished the left half of my face, it felt like the right side was all bunched up. Very strange. Then there was the nose! Again wearning gloves, she inserted a lubricated pinkie finger into my left nostril. I had to open my mouth to breathe while she did that, because I didn’t have enough air flow through the right nostril. She put it in as far as it would go and then waited. After 20 seconds or so, I could distinctly feel my nostril opening up, and her finger slid even deeper. She waited again, and there was another opening.

Ya’ll, I never imagined a human finger could fit that far up in a nostril!

Now, at this point, you’re probably thinking you would never ever want someone to do this to you, but when she finished, she asked how it was, and I said, “That was kind of awesome!” I felt like my nostril had been upgraded from a regular sized straw to one of those straws you get with bubble tea. Amazing.

When she did the right side, I didn’t have to open my mouth to breathe, because I had this big bubble tea straw on the left side. When she’d done both sides, it felt amazing. So much easier to breathe! I would definitely recommend the professional nose picking. Who knew that your nose muscles could be clenched up, and limiting your air flow. But they can! They are!

When she was done, my face and jaw felt extremely relaxed. I think there’s even a subtle difference in the appearance. We were expecting big problems because of my prior jaw surgery, but she said it had healed well, and she’d had clients with much tighter jaws just from “clenching.”

Even though she had barely touched me below the neck, my whole body felt relaxed. If you’ve ever had a baby, you probably had someone coaching you at one point or another to “relax your jaw.” Tightness in the face telegraphs all the way down to the pelvic floor. Well, having all of that tightness released was incredibly relaxing. I felt almost dopey. Session 7 is awesome. Even now, almost a week later, I feel like there is much more softness in my jaw. I feel like it kind of hangs from my head, rather than being snapped in like a LEGO jaw or something.

I have three more sessions to go. Sessions 8, 9, and 10 are about bringing everything together. Should be interesting.