Catching Up

Due to being sick, overworked, and out of country for most of February, I am now behind on quite a bit of stuff and working to catch up. If I owe you email, a letter (lettermo!), money, time, attention, or anything else, please be assured I am working on it in earnest this week. Taxes are just about done, and I’m dealing with bookkeeping and summer plans right now.

We’re planning a pretty big home improvement project which will be fun to blog. I’ve enjoyed the blogs of other adventurous folk who have taken on the financial terror, total life disruption, and loss of free time and discretionary cash involved in a major renovation, and now it will be our turn! Already, though, it is starting to take a lot of time, and we haven’t turned over one shovel full of dirt, yet.

I also am aware I’ve fallen down on the Nebula reading challenge. Look for a catch up post soon. (It will be like REAL grad school.) Cheers!