My First Story Now on Amazon


I’m really thrilled to have “reprinted” my first published story on Amazon. The story, “Improving Slay Times in the Common Dragon,” garnered enthusiastically positive comments from classmates and instructors at Clarion in 1997. I had written it shortly before Clarion and used it as one of my entrance submissions. I then sold the story immediately after the workshop to Liz Holliday, who was editing the magazine Odyssey, at the time. My first professional sale! I’ve had it up on my web site in a rather rough PDF form for years, and have appreicated occasional positive comments, so it’s very nice to present the story in Kindle form. I splurged on the artwork I used for the cover (isn’t it cute, and, like, so PERFECT?), and I’ll need to sell about 150 copies to break even, so if you’ve read the story, please consider giving it a review. (I kind of figure most people reading my blog who might have wanted to read the story have already done so at some point since 1997.)

Going through the story to prepare it for publication was an interesting exercise. I’ve developed as a person and as a writer since then. I was in a deeply, deeply cynical place in my life at that time, hence the deeply, deeply cynical ending. And I think that’s what ultimately appealed to people the most.

It should be turning up at Barnes and Noble, soon, too. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll try to do Sony/iPad, etc. Those are somewhat more complicated.

Here’s the listing. Improving Slay Times in the Common Dragon.


Now that I know how to do it, I’m planning to publish a bunch of older stories and articles that I have rights to. Much of my freelance stuff is work-for-hire, but I’ve got designs to expand and rewrite some of those concepts for a different audience.


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  1. Thanks! I’ve experienced the agony of searching for decent graphics in the past, and it was pure luck that I stumbled on this artwork. After that, the rest was easy.

  2. I’m happy to proof short material for $5-$20 (depending on length), if you want any help with the self-republish process. I’m thinking small jobs like that might make a nice segue to trying to do larger work projects around taking care of Rosie…

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