Repair Day

Courage the travelin dog

Courage was being really cute laying with his head in Brent’s lap, so I snapped a pic on my camera phone and got this, where he is looking more crazy than cute. This is why I don’t have a career in photography.

Brent spent the next day, Wednesday, Aug. 17, getting the water system working and trying to fix the door handle. We couldn’t find a replacement part for the door handle, and it would need spot-welding to fix the original, so it could not be completely repaired. But it is partly functional, now. The water system needed a connector which we got at a local hardware store.

We did finally have running water and a functioning bathroom in the trailer, which is really nice. The water pump still doesn’t work, so we only have these amenities when we have water hookup.

I worked from the trailer and afterward relaxed with a book and helped Brent as best I could.

Thursday after work we got together with Brent’s cousin and her family, including adorable mini-cousin Will. We went over to her house which turned out to be quite convenient to the campground we ended up at. Because it was 97 degrees in Ramona that day, we couldn’t leave the dogs in the trailer. (I don’t trust the A/C to keep running, and if it quit, the dogs could die in that kind of heat.)

Fortunately, the cousin had a lovely little California back yard where we could leave the dogs while we visited. Unfortunately, they are dogs. First, Courage despoiled the brand new, perfect sod. Twice. He’d been constipated for days and apparently the nice grass helped get the works moving again. Brent and I got busy with plastic bags and hoses to clean up.

Then Chewie’s loyalty problem became active again. He was pawing at the sliding glass patio door and barking and crying to be let in. I secured his leash to their heavy patio table to keep him from damaging the screen door. The table is one of those large, wrought iron sets with a glass top. I felt that would keep him away from the door.

Courage was definitely looking like the Good Dog by now, redeeming himself from that unfortunate scuffle at the campground.

However, while Will was putting on a puppet show that included his rendition of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” there was a clunk at the back door. I went to investigate (missing the best part of the show!), and Chewie had dragged the whole patio set over to within reach of the door and had somehow popped the screen door off its tracks. Argh! We fixed everything up and tied him to a sturdy immovable post, instead. As soon as it got cool enough, we took them back to camp and locked them in the trailer. After that, we had a nice, dog-free dinner at a hamburger place in Poway, and then we all went back to camp to toast marshmallows, which the little guy particularly enjoyed.