San Diego, Aug. 16, Pretty Quiet


On Tuesday we drove through Las Vegas and into California. After sacrificing some corn and cherries at the produce inspection station, we headed down toward San Diego. That was a work day for me, so I worked while Brent drove. After I was done, I had to find a place for us to camp. This is becoming an increasing source of stress. It is actually pretty hard to find camping spots. Many of the good campgrounds are full, especially in the San Diego area. I finally found a campground near Ramona, California that had a camp site open through the weekend, so we headed that direction.

Ramona has nice resonance for me. Although it is a very tiny town, I know of it because my good childhood friend Juli spent summers there with her Dad in high school. I posted so many letters to Ramona! (Letters are like email that we used to make by scratching on paper.)

We got to the campground to check in, though, and the ranger said it was full through the weekend. I asked why, then, the registration system was showing open camp sites. He got into the computer and noted with surprise that there were many sites open. He told us we were lucky and assigned us a site where we stayed for five nights.

By then we were all tired from traveling every day for nine days and badly in need of staying in one place for a while.

Sadly, just about the first thing that happened was that Courage got loose and got in a fight with a dog. Chewie also got loose and ran over to help. (He’s trying to stop Courage, but you can’t tell unless you look closely.) It was a perfect storm of inattention, as the people responsible for each dog lapsed at exactly the moment a rather cranky dog was being walked close to our camp site.

It was our fault, but I must say that the owner’s reaction was downright mean considering we grabbed the dogs and broke it up right away, and that there was no actual harm to any dog. He and his wife let loose a string of profanities and when they were done yelling, they immediately went and yelled at the ranger, who then came and told us to make sure our dogs were leashed at all times. We promised we would and apologized.

I have had my dog attacked by other dogs, drawing blood in multiple places, and never unloaded on a stranger that way.

Anyway, we were happy to finally be camped for more than one quick night, and the rest of the evening went smoothly. It was great to finally set up the awning and screen room that go with the trailer. We put the X-pen in it and called it the zoo. We each enjoyed relaxing with the dogs in the “zoo” at various times.

The next day, a pair of schnauzers moved in directly next door to us, so, ironically, our quiet and peaceful days were punctuated by the vicious snarls of these two tiny dogs. The owners (who were very nice) were refreshingly honest. “They don’t like dogs and they don’t like people,” they explained. All righty, then! The schnauzers would snarl and growl even when no one was there, just in case. I named them The Perfectly Horrible Schnauzers, and I secretly snapped a pic. Here they are. Fear them! (Yes, they are kind of cute. Don’t be fooled!)

Perfectly Horrible Schnauzers