Getting closer to lift-off

We spent a day tackling the endless list of things to do to get the trailer ready for our cross-country adventure. I’ve actually felt pretty intimidated by the list, but we knocked out a lot of chores today. We purchased a new battery, and we fired up the propane frig and range to see if they work. We installed a roller shade and a set of curtains, and took some more precise measurements for other curtains.

I have to install new curtain track for the front window bank. The two side windows are curved, so the track needs to curve. I bought an aluminum curtain track from an online store that specializes in vintage trailers, and the item description indicated that the track was bendable up to a 12 inch radius. So imagine my surprise when I received the item and it was completely rigid. I had a very unproductive conversation with someone from the store, who was manhandling the product and telling me how it was no problem in a fairly unhelpful way. But what I got out of it was that I need to bend it myself, with tools. Specialized aluminum tube-bending tools which I do not own. Might have been nice if I knew that before.

Fortunately, we can do it anyway. I shot an email to a friend with the appropriate tools, and he’s going to bend the track for me. One of my tasks today was to cut a template for the curve. I bought some curtains from Ikea that I can cut down to the right height. I will need to get some alternate hardware bits for hanging some of them. In fact, I have a list of miscellaneous hardware bits that I need. So much hardware bits!

We have also installed a new receiver hitch which will resolve the problem of the trailer riding too high.

We still don’t have a place to transport the spare tire. We’re working on that next. Also, although the previous owner told us that the bearings had been packed “recently,” the documents he gave us show that being done in 2002. Not so recent. So we’re mulling over whether to take it in for full axle servicing (with brake inspection), or whether to pack the bearings ourselves and call it good. I expect we’ll take it in for the servicing, but we’re getting money-pending fatigue, so it will probably be a few days before we surrender to this inevitability.

I’ve also begun packing the trailer for a trip. I have a loooong packing list, and I am working through it, taking a load of items over each time we visit.

Some bad news today was that we noticed some water damage on some of the interior wood work. Neither of us remember seeing it before, but it’s small, so it might have been there all along. On the other hand, this might be new damage from the recent torrential rain. It is near the location of one of the attachment points for the awning, so we may have a leak on our hands. Ugh!

When we get to the end of the packing, prep, and repair lists, we’ll drop the cats off at the kennel and head out. It looks like that will probably happen next Sunday or Monday. (The first leg of our trip is only 100 miles, to the in-law’s place.)