Another blow to the wallet

Brent went over to the Secretary of State to register the Airstream. How much? You guessed it. $575. That price includes sales tax and a one-time, permanent registration, plus a permanent license plate. We won’t have to renew it every year like we do our vehicle. But still! *moaning*

In the nickel and dime category, I managed to locate window coverings for about $150. That includes six cut-to-size roller shades and two pairs of 25 inch cafe tiers to provide coverage for the two curved windows on the front.

We also realized we need a place to store the spare tire. Airstreams come with a spare tire carrier on the front underside of the coach, so we are crossing our fingers that it is still there. Otherwise, it’s another expense. Still working on new battery and hitch.

After perusing the instruction manuals and other documentation that comes with the trailer, we realized the awning was not secured as we drove it home. Luckily, it did not unroll, rip itself off the vehicle, and kill us all.