O Airstream Driver!

We’ve been very busy this week, pursuing and purchasing a vintage airstream trailer. The title is not signed yet, so I’m crossing all my fingers. But if all goes well, by this time next week, we’ll be Airstream owners. It’s a 27 foot trailer made in 1973 that has been partially refurbished. The mechanicals have all been repaired or replaced, and the previous owner replaced a bunch of the interior woodwork, too, so it’s in good condition all around.

The ultimate plan is to spend the month of August traveling between Michigan and San Diego, where we have a cousin that needs visiting. We’ll see some other people in between, too.

For now it’s a frenzy of getting ready and minutia such as renting an RV parking spot, getting work done on our tow vehicle, purchasing needed equipment like the dock Brent just bought that will give a readout of vehicle data like oil and transmission temperature–always helpful when you’re towing two tons of metal through the Rocky Mountains and would rather not end up splattered all over the side of them.

We’re going to take her for a little shakedown tour semi-locally. Because if it’s going to break down, we’d rather that happen in Hell, Michigan than Hell, Nebraska, where REAL ZOMBIES will rape you, eat your brains, and then leave you to slowly reanimate alone.

I’m crossing all my fingers that this venture doesn’t become a total disaster. I’m not a traveler by nature, but I think I can convince myself that this trailer is an EXTENSION of my home, and avoid all of that “I need to be home now” anxiety. I’ll also be bringing 5/7 of the mammals that live with me. (Oh, yes, we’re going to travel with 333 lbs of dog.)

Any advice on RVing, Airstreams, or places to go West of the Mississippi are