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Here’s How Fictional Writing Can Be Beneficial

writing fiction

I’ve heard some people say that fictional stories aren’t significant to the society, and that being a fiction writer is a career that is not worth pursuing. They say that storytelling and fictional writing are not beneficial to your life and your future. If you also hear these things and you are somehow being dissuaded from your dream of becoming a fiction writer, let this article serve as an encouragement for you.

Below are some of the ways by which fictional writing can be beneficial and worthy of pursuing.

  1. Fiction stories can make a significant difference in your life.

Despite being a work of fiction, stories can inspire, motivate, inform, as well as trigger emotions and actions. Hence, this type of literature can touch and make a huge difference in your life and the lives of other people.

Through effective writing and made-up characters, people will learn that there are some things in life that are worth fighting for or believing in for instance. Just as fictional stories can make a difference, so do the writers who create them.

If you want to make a difference in this world, fictional writing can serve as a clear shot at this objective. So it is your dream to write and tell interesting stories? That’s good. Don’t let go of that desire; and trust me, your story will make a difference.

  1. Fiction can teach valuable life lessons.

Fictional stories can be one of your best teachers—about people and their cultures, about the concept of right and wrong, or about life in general. Again, this doesn’t only apply to you as the author, but to your readers as well.

The thing about writing is that the skills and knowledge that you acquire through fictional writing and making use of your imagination can be applied to many other aspects of your life. For instance, mastering the art of writing fiction can help you communicate more effectively and craft better essays or other forms of writing.

  1. It widens people’s imagination and promotes critical thinking.

When you take fictional writing seriously, you will find yourself exploring various subjects and carefully pondering on things that you haven’t put much attention into in the past. Things such as philosophy, beliefs, the way people relate to each other, as well as logic are now more interesting than before. In addition, using your imagination frequently can broaden it, and allow you to practice your ability to create.

In other words, writing fiction challenges you to think outside the box and thoroughly consider concepts on a much deeper level—a good mental workout.

  1. Writing reveals truth.

Fictional writing is an interesting way of communicating truths to readers of all ages. The thing about fiction is that it shows or portrays a truth in such an effective way that other ways fail to do so because it puts that “truth” in a whole new light.

Through fictional writing, ideas and concepts can be painted in a unique picture that invokes creative and critical thinking from its audience; thereby, making it a powerful tool for revealing truths.

  1. Fictional stories can add perspective for the writer and the audience.

Perhaps, one of the most important benefits that you can obtain from writing and reading fiction is the fact that you can acquire a fresh perspective about life and the world. Who would’ve thought that made-up characters in a made-up world going through made-up circumstances can give us incredible insights? And I think that’s the beauty of it all.

As you write and read more fictional stories, you will be able to understand the complexities of life better, and be able to appreciate the simpler aspects too. Furthermore, as a writer, fictional writing can give you new perspectives about your own self that you’ve never known before. Therefore, it transforms you into a better person with a more open mind.

Final Thoughts

Fictional writing is an activity that allows you to create—create new worlds, characters, and events. It allows you to express yourself freely. Furthermore, fictional writing or writing in general can give you a purpose in life. So don’t ever think that pursuing your passion for writing is a waste of your life. Just dream, write, and don’t stop!