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Defining Fictional Writing

Fictional writing is a form of non-factual writing, and can be regarded as the opposite of non-fiction, which describes real facts and events. Some popular examples of fictional books and stories include Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, and Lord of the Rings.

Writing fiction can be performed in a wide variety of approaches and may come in different forms depending on your own style and preferences. It can also fall in various genres such as romance, fantasy, and thriller.

Fiction Writers

Fiction writers are talented and creative people who craft interesting stories that prompt readers to use their imagination and critical thinking to learn new ideas, concepts, perspectives, and truths. Hence, works of fiction can definitely transform people’s lives.

The Fictional Writing Process

Although storytelling may seem like an easy task, it actually takes a long time for fiction writers to weave that perfect plot and develop fascinating made-up characters. Moreover, contrary to common belief, even fictional writing requires a significant amount of research. This is the reason you may often find fictional stories to be densely packed with great ideas and information.

Fictional pieces may come in various lengths—it can be as long as Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo or as short as the stories by O. Henry. If you are planning to write fiction, it can be beneficial to determine the length of the story that you want to tell at the very beginning.

By doing so, you will have a better idea of how much room you have in terms of developing your plot and will help you decide on the most suitable type of approach to take. Have a clear mindset on whether you want to write a fantasy story set in the medieval times and packed with amazing journeys and battles for instance, or just a story with a non-complex plot. If you decide to do the latter, you may want to go for a short story. However, for the other one with a complicated plot, a novel or several novels may be more appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Fictional writing allows writers to create a whole new different world and set of characters that are purely based on their imagination and creativity. With fictional writing, nothing is impossible—you can create anything that your mind can come up with.