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To be a good writer, you will need to read many books. The more your read, the more you will become familiar with the style and format of writing. Here are some fiction books that I recommend you to read.

War and Peace

By- Leo Tolstoy

This book is the detailed story of how Napoleon invaded Russia. The book also reflects the impact of that period on the Tsarist society. The author has portrayed this through the story of five aristocratic families in Russia. It is known as one of the best books ever written.

Moby Dick

By – Herman Melville

This book is also known as the greatest novel in American literature. This is an adventure story of Captain Ahab and his search for the white whale. There are fascinating characters in the story that make the book very interesting.


By- William Shakespeare

It is the tragic story of the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet wonderfully written by Shakespeare. The story is set in Denmark and revolves around the revenge by Prince Hamlet on his uncle Claudius who killed his own brother for the throne. This is the longest play of Shakespeare and has been performed on stage the most number of times.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By – Mark Twain

This book portrays the lives of people and interesting places along the Mississippi River. It is known as one of the greatest books of American literature. The book has received many criticisms as well for using very coarse language.

Pride and Prejudice

By – Jane Austen

This book tells the story of Elizabeth Bernet. It’s about her life which includes her upbringing in an aristocratic family, her marriage, the hasty decisions she makes and how she learns from it.

All these books are some of the best novels that were ever published. People read these novels over and over again. These are even taught in schools and colleges as part of their English Literature course. Many fiction writers follow the writing styles of these books and try to learn from them.