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3 reasons you should read fiction books

Academic reading is important to do well on your exam, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of reading fiction books. Many parents discourage their children from reading fiction books as they think it’s waste of time. But in reality, fiction books can benefit people in many ways.

It opens up your mind

Fiction is the author’s imagination. It also opens up the readers’ mind. You will read about different characters, places, and stories. You will become more creative. You will easily be able to come up with new ideas and have different perspectives about things.  Your cognitive function can improve by reading fiction books.

It makes you more compassionate

By reading fiction, people usually get swept away by the story. They start to get deeply involved with the character and they start to characterize with the main character. They go through various emotional experiences. Reading fiction will make you more compassionate.

Improves vocabulary

When you read lots of books your vocabulary improves. You will notice that your writing style has improved as well. The more you read books, the more your writing skills will improve. You will be able to express yourself better with new words.

Reading fiction develops your mind and writing skills. You will be able to perform better in your academic lessons and professional life as well. So, it is important to develop the habit of reading fictions in children. They will grow to become better performers in their lives.