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Hello, I’m Catherine Shaffer. I am a fictional writer. Writing is my passion and I’ve been writing for many years now. My writings have been published in various newspapers, magazines, and blogs. I’ve written more than 20 books as well. This is my blog which I have created for fellow writers who are struggling with their writing. There was a time when I was in their position too, but I had access to very limited resources for help. Through my blog I want other writers to improve their writing skills and become established fiction writer like me.

This blog will help writers to unleash their potentials as a writer. They will learn the right way of writing fictional writings. My articles will inspire and encourage you to write well. Besides giving writing advice, I have also given a list of books that you can read to improve your writing and some of the best fictional books I’ve ever read. I hope this blog will make you a confident writer and you will soon establish yourself as a successful fictional writer.