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5 tips to help you write a good novel

Many people think that writing fiction is easy. But in reality, writing fiction is a form of art. You need lots of practice and patience to write a good fiction. If you really want to write fiction then here are some tips that can help you improve your writing.

Begin your story with action

You should start your novel with an action. This grabs the attention of the readers. However, you have to make sure that the action is important to the story. It should take you to the main character. You can start with tension also; for example, the main character is searching for something or trying hard to protect someone, etc.

Use the five senses

You should apply senses other than sight and sound. You should try to go even beyond these senses. You should use body language when narrating your story. This will give depth to your story.

Use your IQ well

Most of the readers are very well educated, so you should use your IQ well when writing a story. You should not think customers to be not intelligent and tone down your book for audiences of lower intellectual ability. People are smarter now. So, you should be smart in your writing as well. You shouldn’t overexplain things thinking that the readers won’t understand.

Make them laugh and cry

You should get your readers emotionally involved. You should write in a way so that the readers laugh and cry reading the story. The reader should be able to get inside the story and really feel it.

End every chapter carefully

You should end every chapter unanswered or on the verge of some action so that the reader feels the urge to read the next chapter. So, the ending of your chapters must be interesting.

You should understand your audience well. Then you should write for the vast audience who will accept your story. You should use these tips when writing. there are various online resources available where you can get more tips on writing a novel.