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4 ways to focus on your writing

If you want to write well you have to focus. Here are some tips to keep your writing in focus, hope they help you.

Daily schedule

Firstly you need to stick to a daily schedule and create one that suits your needs. For example start writing in the morning every day if you can for about three hours. Then write for two hours around lunchtime. Write for an hour before you go to bed every night. You can even write on your lunch break and write for a few hours on Saturdays and Sundays. It doesn’t matter when you write or what sort of schedule you keep as long as you write on a regular basis and stick to it.

Return to your schedule

It is very important to return to your schedule when you have had time away. Sometimes it can be impossible to stick to your schedule as you can be very busy or other things in life need attention too. These things happen in life so there is no need to worry; just get back on track as soon as you can and start keeping to your schedule again.

Feelings and thoughts

When writing you must recognise your feelings and thoughts for what they are. Some days you might not feel inspired or feel creative. The thoughts of writing may feel a little overwhelming or you may dread it. You may think that your writing isn’t good enough or that you will never get to finish it. Sometimes you may not be able to think of anything to write and you might get anxious and worried. But what you must remember is that you are not your thoughts and feelings. So let these thoughts come and go, take them on board but don’t pay any heed to them. Sit down with your thoughts and feelings and write for 10 or 15 minutes and when you get going these bad thoughts and feelings will go away.


Learning to keep focused on your writing doesn’t happen automatically, it requires learning and practice to do so. If you make a schedule and can’t stick to it, no need to worry, try another one that works for you. If you have not written for a while you might feel a little discouraged. But pick yourself up again and get on with it. Force yourself to sit and write for even a few minutes and you won’t be long getting back into the swing of it again. It’s all about practice.

Sticking to a schedule is half the battle but also to get back into that schedule when you have strayed away from it is another battle that you will win. Remember to ignore the negative thoughts and feelings. Happy writing!